Tuesday, December 9, 2014


• The witching hour has arrived early today. So stressed I can't breathe—though maybe that's my bra?

• Listening to them interact in the playroom, wondering when it will break down into tears and screaming.

• Waiting for the Daddy to arrive. The knowledge that he won't get here until an hour or more has passed is making me have a tiny panic attack.

• It could be worse. I could be pregnant.


Today I am grateful for:
-hoodies and sneakers, returning slowly to my post-baby wardrobe.
-snacks made on shared equipment
-hotel reservations.
-sleep, I hope.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I just discovered a lovely slice of life blog, Say La Vee, and now that the blog is dead I've decided to start my own. I envision lists, and bullet points.

• I photoshopped the children into one photo together where everyone is smiling and kind of looking at the camera. The girl child's head may be too small. The baby's head may be too big. I had to severely truncrate the tree trunk behind them due to laziness and lost skill, but it will do.

• Laundrymageddon has taken over the master bedroom. I long for a laundry room and not a washer/dryer stack in the kitchen. I live in Silicon Valley, not Manhattan. I should not have these problems.

• Children, sleep deprivation, and the darkness left in the wake ofthe time change have left me mired in molasses. I have zero energy. It's sad. I need to sleep.